Why Apartment Building Investments?

Why Apartment Building Investments?

Great question isn’t it?  Who would want to invest in apartment buildings?  Well, the Fed has decided to make a LOT of additional money available to build Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings, Construction is up ONLY in the construction of Apartment Properties. Why?

There is a growing number of people who have lost their homes and have been, or will be, so deeply traumatized by that event that they will never, in their lifetimes, buy another home to avoid repeating that type of loss.

Think of it…a PERMANENT renter class.  It looks like 15% to 20% of the housing stock in America will deal with some type of traumatic issue with their mortgage and leave family members to be renters.

Those with some foresight, who get on the Investment Property bandwagon early will reap the benefits of this NEW REALITY…the New Normal, if you will.

I will be writing more in the days to come.

The richest folks in world history have always made that happen by owning Investment Real Estate!

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